Legenda Pahlawan: District system introductions

District system is one of main important features in this game, where players can attack other player here and gain profit. Each successul attack landed will gain you merit and fame pts.

1.Each successfully beat an opponent down, you gain merit and rep. points

2.Players can randomly appears on other district map.
3.If you’re getting beaten by enemy, then you’ll lose some merits too. You may take revenge on them, and if you’re succeed, you’ll gain half of your resources that got stolen.

4.Systems will automatically match you with players with equivalent merit point to guarantees and smaller the gap power differences between you and your opponent.

5.If you encountered enemy that you can’t defeat, you may patiently wait until after 12hrs. Then click ceasefire button to make them go away. But remember that you should pay some merit for that!
Everyday, system will send players different rewards based on your merit pts

While fame can be traded in fame/rep. mall seen on district to buy some tools and generals.

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