Legenda Pahlawan: Corps Introductions

Fun should be shared together, and not just alone right? You can’t bash into a party alone!If it’s so, then the game will be too lonely!:)
So, here is the what you should do: Join a corps, and let’s play together!~
Corps tech
1.Lv corps:Upgrade corps lv to increase cap limit of tech and corps member each corps can shelter.
2.Digging skill:Increase mine profit of corps member
3.Luban inherit:Decrease the time needed for corps member to build structures
4.Raid battle:Increase bronze quantity obtained from raid
5.Biz tech:Increase gold purchasing quantity
6.Sawmill tech:Increase daily wood quantity gained for corps member
Corps map
After joining corps,not only you can chat with other corps member, but also attacking maps together and gaining some great rewards. Rewards obtained can be alot better than what you can have in normal map!~
1. DMG for corps member attacking NPC will be cumulated
2. Each battle will cost you 1 chances. You can get max 3 battling chances
3. Map will get resetted at 4:00AM, including chances number and chests
4. Everyday you can only attack some designated map
5. Map drops are shared to whole corps without affecting each other
Corps camp
Each corps have their own camp,which can be accessed through “Corps” menu, and also from “District” feature.
Corps camp playing an important part, and can affects to rewards each corps member can obtain per day, and also plays part on your corps honor! That’s why, take your strongest unit and placed it to defend your camp!
Corps war
Everyday, your are free to register for entering corps war. Defeat your foes to obtain some nice rewards. Also,you can increase corps merituous points from here.
1. Registration time are 8:00 AM until 19:00. Opponents corps matching will gets decided at 19:00 (GMT+8)
2. Battle will commence from 20:00 and the overall time sets from 20:00 to 23:00.
3. The side who manage to annihilate their opponents camp first win
1)First, you need to defeat the gate guard general (Click gate and select which general you want to fight)
2)After the gate fallen, you can choose to attack you opponents rally (careful as theymight have some enhance attributes), or you can go directly to enemies base.
4. If the opponents cannot gets defeated before 23:00,then you’ll regarded losing.
5. There are limits on attacking, which recover by 1 in every 20 minutes
6. Fallen general can be healed for 20 minutes.
7. Each corps war may grant you merit.The higher your merit level, the more rewards you can gain.
8. Rewards will be sent by mail.

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