Legenda Pahlawan: Team War

As your level went up,there are many World BOSS waiting for you to challenge. Players can go along with their companions and try to finish them through team.
After finishing the BOSS, you can flip bonus card and obtain some rewards as below!
Item drop lists:
Heishan big worm: w.seal box lv 1,Shieldman w.seal lv 1,Spearman w.seal lv 1,Archer w.seal lv 1, Cavalry w.seal lv 1

01Strongest crit: w.seal box lv 2,Shieldman w.seal lv 2,Spearman w.seal lv 2,Archer w.seal lv 2, Cavalry w.seal lv 2

02Plague spider: w.seal box lv 3,Shieldman w.seal lv 3,Spearman w.seal lv 3,Archer w.seal lv 3, Cavalry w.seal lv 3

03Great teacher: Seal box lv 4,Winch w.seal lv 4, Raid w.seal lv 4,F.archer w.seal lv 4, Soldier w.sea llv 4,Cavalry w.seal lv 4,Doctor w.seal lv 4,Big pocket

04Double hebei: Seal box lv 4,Winch w.seal lv 4, Pikeman w.seal lv 4, Crossbow w.seallv 4, Slasher w.seal lv 4, Phalanx w.seal lv 4, Doctor w.seal lv 4, Big pocket

05Different lv have different BOSS to face, and items dropped will also be different!
BOSS differences according to lv are as below:
Lv 5:Heishan big worm
Lv 25:Strongest crit-Lubu
Lv 35:Plague spider
Lv 50:Great teacher
Lv 50:Double hebei

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